About David Collins

David Collins is an artist. His beautiful hand-made jewellery pieces are testament to not only his skill but also to his undeniable creative vision.

Each piece of David Collins jewellery is lovingly made for his clients. Whether his canvas is a ring, pendant or necklace the results are resolutely spectacular. And like all great art his pieces are priceless not just because they are made of precious metals and gems but because they will be made of precious memories over a lifetime of ownership.

David’s jewellery will become your family’s heirlooms. They will become that special piece that will be passed down through generation and the best part of that is that it all starts with you from the very moment you walk into David’s shop at Lismore Road Bangalow.


David Collins has moved to Shop 1/5 Lismore Road, (George Reading Building) Bangalow 2479. Opening 6th February 2017.